Fired on Facetime

Happy New Year my little Love Doves! I hope the start of your year has been far better than mine. To provide a brief brief update, my holiday season was absolutely fucking ruined because I, like the thousands upon thousands of others, got Covid right before Christmas. Apparently, this year baby Jesus decided to giveContinue reading “Fired on Facetime”

Tiny Tim

Hello all. It’s been one hell of a week, and I personally feel like I need a few days of recovery to recover from my holiday weekend. Let’s dive in. The holidays are a difficult time for many. We’re fatter, we’re lonelier, and the anguishing pangs of nostalgia for a time bygone is enough toContinue reading “Tiny Tim”

Happy Anniversary!

Hi!!! Today is a special day. And do you know why? According to an annual bill I received this morning from the web provider I use, today is the one-year anniversary of Wine and Zoloft. Now, have I risen to international fame, received a book deal, or garnered anything bordering on critical acclaim as aContinue reading “Happy Anniversary!”


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Rachel. Wine and prescription pill enthusiast. Sometimes I feel like I’m a celebrity and people care about what I say and what I’m doing but I’m not and they don’t.

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