Racially Motivated Canine Vigilante

Good morning,

It’s 11:42 on a Wednesday and I am truly spiraling. Over the weekend, I was stalked, harassed, and verbally accosted by some Cadet Karen that lives in my building who appears to have some taken an issue with my ambiguous breed registered service dogs. After being followed down the street and unlawfully recorded by a woman who was smoking a Newport while dragging her ratty golden doodle closely behind on a leash, I sent the below email to my property manager.

Hi again,

I’m sending this e-mail as a follow up to the phone call you had with Diego regarding today’s deeply upsetting events in the case that we will need to proceed with legal action in the future. As he explained, the same female resident who has accosted me multiple times on the building’s property  regarding my dogs took it upon herself today to follow my boyfriend and I down the street (off of The Departs property) recording us as we walked our dogs. Initially, we ignored this woman until she proceeded to get extremely close to Diego and one of our pets while recording and kept repeating rude and provocative comments about our dogs over and over.

When I informed this woman that her comments were uncalled for and unacceptable, she began shouting while refusing to back away from either of us or our dogs. If she were truly concerned for her or her pets safety, I can not possibly imagine why she would be comfortable to do such a thing. As she began walking away, I also heard this woman make racially motivated discriminatory comments under her breath. I was disgusted. 

After we were able to get away from the woman who appeared to derive a strange pleasure from verbally accosting us us, Diego spoke with you on the phone and we continued on our walk. When we returned approximately 10-15 minutes later, the woman was waiting by the garage doors for us. I felt deeply uncomfortable and unsafe that a woman who appears to have mental health issues was stalking around the property waiting for us, so I suggested to Diego that we enter the building using an alternative entrance. She proceeded to race toward us again, and follow us in the direction we were going in. She was once again recording us, and due to the fact that this time she was without her highly excitable dog our dogs did not bark and were wagging their tails in her presence. She again continued to harass us, videotape us without our consent, and demand that we follow her into the leasing office.

I’m sure that you have had your hands full with this woman, but I just want to make it clear that if we continue to be subjected to this level of unprovoked harassment, discrimination, and infringement on our privacy from this resident we will be forced to move forward with legal action and I’ll have to file a formal complaint with the Police Department. 

It is my hope that you can speak with this resident and explain to her that her efforts as a racially motivated canine vigilante are deeply unacceptable, not condoned by the building, and violates community guidelines here at The Depart. To reiterate- our dogs have never. nor would they ever. hurt anyone. If they are being judged by the size or volume of their bark, that is unfair and discriminatory. We have enjoyed living here for over a month without incident, and simply wish to do so in peace. It is extremely unfair and emotionally distressing that we are being subjected to this treatment in the place we have made our home. Following today’s incident, I have experienced extreme anxiety worrying that if I leave my unit I will be harassed or stalked by this woman. 

You also can feel free to mention to her that they’re registered service dogs and if there is no actual incident they cannot be evicted. However, if she continues to attempt to provoke an incident by repeating these actions (invading our personal space, shouting/verbally accosting us) we will not be held responsible. Again, under the ADA,

A service dog may respond if provoked and is not deemed a disturbance if the barking was provoked. Examples of provoking include:

1.     Aggressively staring at your dog

2.     Touching your service dog without permission

3.     Whistling and talking at your dog in a menacing way

Thank you, and it is my hope I can stop bothering you with these emails and we can have a positive rapport going forward.

Naturally, as with my host of other emails I have sent, it has gone unanswered. However, I have one thing to say: DONTBULLYMYBREED

#pitbull #dontbullymybreed #karen #dog #emails #mentalhealth

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