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Welcome To Your Tape

Hi everyone. It is January 24th, and in the past three weeks alone, I have had the honor and privilege of adding yet another reason my collection of Thirteen Reasons Why. (And no, unlike the Netflix show that had one good season and then took a steeeeep nosedive, one of my reasons isn’t that someone…

The Return of Dr. Rachel

Hello all! We have officially entered our universal Jordan Year, and I, for one, can not be happier to leave 2022 behind. As I probably should have anticipated, the year is off to a real whirlwind of a start and we’re only a little over a week in. Here’s a few things that have happened…

Rachel’s Hot Takes

Hello everyone. I’m not sure about you, but as we delve further into the Holiday season, I have found myself at my wits end with everyone and anyone. And in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, a woman who fooled a far younger and more attractive version of myself into believing that you can survive on…

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