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The Stages of Grief

As a preface for those who don’t know, my father passed away about a month ago. I’ve struggled with finding the right words to say, because (as I’m sure anyone who has experienced something like this knows) no words really seem to be enough. But, unfortunately for you all, I don’t currently have a therapist…

A Tale of Two Car Thefts: In Hot Pursuit

Hi everyone! In an unfortunate and unprecedented turn of events, my beloved Honda Civic was stolen by vagrant thieves this past Friday. In front of my own home. In the dead of the night. On Saint Patrick’s Day. Needless to say, the good ol’ Luck of the Irish has once again eluded me. Now, I’m…

Welcome To Your Tape

Hi everyone. It is January 24th, and in the past three weeks alone, I have had the honor and privilege of adding yet another reason my collection of Thirteen Reasons Why. (And no, unlike the Netflix show that had one good season and then took a steeeeep nosedive, one of my reasons isn’t that someone…

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